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What to expect from your appointment

Before our appointment you will receive a medical information form to complete. This will come from "Nutrium". Be aware that this uses medical dates! Please be honest on this form as I use it to base my advise to you.

If our appointment is online, check you have the zoom link.

If you need to cancel or re-arrange our appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel too late, I will ask for a deposit before booking again.

During appointments we will discuss:

Medical history

Nutritional goals

History with food and current diet

Physical activity

Environmental and lifestyle factors

Medical History and medications

I will make some brief notes while we speak. I will give you my initial impression and first steps.

I then follow up with a written letter, sent to your email with detailed recommendations, recipes and/or supplement advice. If you have requested a meal plan for the extra fee, you will receive this via email as well as via the app.

You can download the Nutrium app, to message me and view our upcoming appointments and meal plan if you wish.

I recommend that we meet for the assessment, and then at least one follow up, so that I can check my interventions have been helpful for you.

If you can, please leave me a review on google after our consultations!

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