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Easy ways to swap out Dairy

If you're starting a Vegan diet, have lactose intolerance to just looking for something new, try these swaps below!

Instead of…


Milk, included skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk

Almond milk

Cashew milk

Help milk

Oat milk

Pea milk

Potato milk

Rice milk

Soy milk

I suggest you choose those fortified with Vitamin D, Calcium and B12, you can find this information on the packaging. Some brands have an option for children and these are higher fat and also have iodine added, suitable for growing children 3+ years old.

Vegan coffee creamer and non-dairy milk powder are also available


Non dairy whipped cream and double cream are available

Milkshakes and flavoured milks

Chocolate plant-based milks (or other flavours)

Cold-brew coffees based on plant milks are available in the fridge section of larger supermarkets.

Try making your own shake with a vegan protein powder


Vegan yoghurts are available made from soya, coconut, oat and more. Look out for fermented versions which will have live cultures similar to dairy yoghurts


Vegan mousse, and pudding pots, look in the fridge section of the supermarket

Puddings and desserts

Vegan ice-creams and sorbets available

homemade “nice-cream” can be made by blending frozen bananas in a food processor

Vegan cheesecakes and desserts available too - I can provide recipes for this


Coconut cheese is widely available.

Look out for almond/cashew cheeses which have a richer flavour due to being fermented like dairy cheese

Whey protein powder

Pea protein, soya protein or any blend of powder that you like

Contact me if you would like any other information about healthy eating, and check out the PDF version of this table below!

Dairy swaps pdf
Download PDF • 114KB

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